Danabad, Homeland of Mirza Jatt

Sohail Abid   /   February 28, 2011

Hri Southasian‘s Islamabad-based researcher Sohail Abid, yours truly, travels to Danabad, the native land of Mirza, where Mirza and ShaibaaN were killed. A video montage is embedded below:

The song playing in the background is the dialogue between Mirza and SahibaN at their resting place, where they would later be killed. Mirza is appreciating the the place and SahibaN is alarming him of the dangers. A rough translation follows:

Mirza: Look at this Jand tree. See how shady it is. Now don’t say no to resting here. We should stay here, it isn’t raining! I’ll take you to Danabad in the afternoon.

SahibaN: How could you think of sleeping! I dread the threats ahead.

Lyrics in Punjabi:

Ni tu vekh jandola bar da
Ni aehdi kaisi chaaN vi banni
JehdiaN moraN naal zameen de
Aithe behndi nahi na kareeN
Ghori kyon dopehri mariye
Kehri sir te sawaN bani
Tenu le challaN din degare
Ni tu Danabad vareeN

Ve tittar bolaN bar de
Jatta vani janjhotan moor
Tenu kithoN aaiyaN neendaraN
Ve menu khatre hor