Finding the Perfect Heer

Sohail Abid   /   February 27, 2013

Sharif Sabir

Sharif Sabir’s quest for the authentic version of Heer Waris Shah

Sharif Sabir is one of the most respected scholars of Punjabi language and literature. Known for his life-long research on Heer Waris Shah, he spent 14 long years on the project to edit out any spurious texts crept into the epic. He was awarded the Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan.

He tells behind-the-scene story of finding the perfect Heer in the following audio clip.

Sharif Sabir edition of Heer Waris Shah

Audio courtesy: Lahore Chitrkar
Sharif Sabir photograph by Akram Varraich
Heer Waris Shah photograph by Sohail Abid