Folk Punjab Fund for Punjabi Books

Sohail Abid   /   July 21, 2014

Folk Punjab Fund for Punjabi Books is our program to support Punjabi writers and publishing industry. Using the fund, we will purchase a modest number of award-winning Punjabi books every year and distribute them using different channels so that they reach a wider audience.

Although the state of Punjabi publishing in Pakistan is improving in some ways but we cannot call it satisfactory. There are a couple of active Punjabi publishers in Lahore, printing some 50 to 100 books every year. Sometimes they are in the position to offer a compensation to the author, but often the authors themselves have to bear the cost of getting the books published.

In other countries, and in ours too, the government (through relevant departments), purchases a sizable number of copies of new books for the community and college libraries. But since we have been made to believe that the Punjabi language is good for nothing, books published in Punjabi are seldom bought by officials making such decisions. Our program, we hope, will fill this gap.

The following is the list of books we have chosen for the inaugural year 2014. They were all awarded 1st, 2nd, or 3rd positions in this year’s Masud Khaddarposh Trust Awards.

Chup TooN Baad (Ali Babar)
Goongi Pukaar (Tufail Khalish)
Kandh AsmaanaN Teek (Bushra Naaz)
Main Chetar Nahi Chakhya (Khaqan Haider Ghazi)

Aaheen Da Balan (Naveed Anjum)
Glaleecha Unnan Wali (Zahid Hassan)
Kabootar, Banere, te Gallian (Zubair Ahmad)
Parchhaven (Sabir Ali Sabir)

We have already acquired 10 copies of each of these books, which is a small number but good enough to begin with. We will try to extend this to 100 copies in the coming years.

If you’d like to donate to the program, please contact us. All the donations will go towards acquiring more copies of the books or possibly expanding the range of books.