Masud Khaddarposh Trust Awards, 2012

Sohail Abid   /   April 26, 2012

Unfortunately, since the creation of Pakistan, Punjabis have side stepped, ignored and labelled Punjabi as the language of the labour class. As a result, Punjabi writers and scholars found themselves out of the mainstream literary activities. Their books did not find suitable markets, thereby limiting the readership to only the die-hard Punjabi enthusiasts. This is where Masud Khaddarposh Trust comes in.

Masud Khaddarposh Trust is an independent, self-sustaining organization working towards promoting Punjabi language, literature and culture through awards and other activities.

They have been hosting annual awards, since 1986, for Punjabi books under eight categories which are poetry, prose, research, children’s, religious, scientific, vocational and general books. These are judged by a separate panel of judges for each category and awards announced and given accordingly at the annual ceremony. This year’s awards are being held this Friday (April 27, 2012) at Oriental College, Lahore.

The Trust also gives a ‘Punjabi Sevak Award’ to those who have performed exceptional work for the promotion of Punjabi language, literature and culture. The big news is that this year’s Punjabi Sevak award is being given to Sohail Abid, the curator/admin of Folk Punjab! This coming from an institute as prestigious as Masud Khaddarposh Trust means a lot to us.