The Idea of a Punjabi Patronage Fund

Sohail Abid   /   January 15, 2015

An idea is being floated in Punjabi circles of Lahore to create a sort of patronage fund for Punjabi writers, artists, and musicians. A fund several well-off people can contribute towards. Say, Rs. 1000 a month from each patron.

Contributing Rs. 1000 a month is no big deal for many who wish to help. Small in itself, the collective amount can be really useful. If we manage to get 100 patrons on board, it will generate 1 lakh each month, which is a substantial amount.

No, it will not be used for a wazeefa or cash stipends. Rather for different things every month like bearing the cost of publishing a few books by authors who can’t afford it, arranging for stay when an artist or writer visits Lahore, etc.

So what do you think? Would you be interested in becoming a patron of Punjabi? Yes?

P.S. No, it’s not by me. Some friends of Punjabi are behind this.