East Side Story

East Side Story

East Side Story has Tariq Gujjar aka TG King and Casim Mahmood coming together to create a unique blend of Blues and Punjabi folk.

Tariq is a lawyer by profession. He is the vocalist for the band. His earthy vocals seeped in personality and the local expression give the band a sound that’s been around for ages and yet is completely new.

Casim is an ad-man by day. After hours, he is a sculptor and an immensely talented self taught guitarist with roots in western classical, blues and rock. He is the lead guitarist as well as the harmonica player for the band.

TG King and Casim both appreciate that the Punjabi Folk and the Blues have a lot in common. In fact they are very much connected as music genres as both represent the words of the common man.

With such similar vision on music they are able to compliment each other and mesh the Blues and Punjabi Folk with effortless ease to great effect.

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Songs by East Side Story