Fida Hussain

Fida Hussain was born in Nokhar Distt Gujranwala in 1951 in a family of music practitioner. Initially he studied music with his family elders then came to Lahore and became a disciple of ustad Ghulam Ali. After very hard practice of many years he came to the mic of radio Pakistan 1966. Sooner his expertise in music had been acknowledged by the music lovers by his participations in All Pakistan Music Conferences on festive occasions and performing the anniversaries of late ustads. In the mean time he took part in some notable TV programs.

He toured all over the globe in several countries like England, Germany, Netherlands, India, East Africa, United States of America, Soudi Arabia, Singapore, U.A.E where his performances were professionally accoladed by the listeners, Ustad Fida Hussain is all rounder and our melodious singer with his voice as he sings ghazals, kafi, and even film songs with ease.