Allah Ditta Lonay Wala

Allah Ditta Lonay Wala

I know Allah Ditta Lonay Wala personally he is my best friend… he belongs to Lonewala near Faisalabad pakistan and he lives now in chinniot… he has two daughter and three sons… and nadeem abbas his son is also a famous singer, he has spend his lives in poverty… mostly he sings songs by lyricists hayat bhutti and abad tameemi. He started to sing in a circus in the beginning of year 1970… and then he recorded cassets for Rehmat Gramophone House, Faisal Abad.

Now he is a very famous singer of pakistan punjabi folk… with best wishes yar shamsi from germany…

This info is sent by MOHAMMAD YAR SHAMSI from Germany. Thank you so much Shamsi Sahab with much love and respect.

Songs by Allah Ditta Lonay Wala