Mansoor Malangi

Mansoor Malangi (1953-2014) was a beloved Punjabi folk singer from Jhang.

Hailing from a small peasant family of Garh Mor, Malangi began his singing career from the Radio Pakistan, Lahore, in 1965. He soon rose to fame because of his unique voice and style. In the late 70s, his folk song ‘Ik Phul Motia da Mar ke Jaga Sohnie’ became an instant hit across Pakistan. His other songs ‘Kala Til Mahi da’, ‘Balocha Zalman’, Kehri Ghalti Hoi ai Zalim’, ‘Khan Ghara De’ etc have retained popularity for decades. He sang the kafis of Sufi poet Khawja Ghulam Farid, which included ‘Akh Phurkandi aey’, ‘Guzar Gaya Din Sara’, ‘Ronday Urmr Nibhai’, and ‘Wich Rohi De’. (DAWN)