Mian Sheheryar

Mian Sheheryar belonged to an educated family of Harbanspura, Lahore. He learnt his art of music direction from Feroze Nizami and Sharif Ghazanavi.

In the 60s, PTV’s senior music producer Kanwer Aftab Ahmad decided to make musicals based on folklore Mirza Saheban, Heer Ranjha and Sohni Mahiwal. These musicals were to be aired live on PTV’s Lahore, and were of ninety minutes duration each. It was somewhere in 1968. Mian Saheb composed many pieces of poetry that could link the story and take it forward. He did this job marvellously well. I played the lead role in all the three folklore musicals with Mushtaq Hashimi as villain and Bilquis Khanum as the lead actress. I remember there was a bungalow hired by the PTV to house its producers and conduct rehearsals. Besides Kanwer Aftab Ahmad, others who sat there were Zaheer Bhatti, Syed Rizi Tirmizi and later Rafiq Ahmad Warraich. There was no looking back for Mian Saheb after that.