Taj Multani

Taj Multani is a ghazal and classical singer and music composer who got his musical training through Ustaad Salamat Ali Khan (Late). He was married to Nighat Seema (Late), also a fabulous singer got her training of music through Ustaad Muhammad Tufail Niazi (Late). (from Ahsan Ali Taj, his son)

While very few of his recordings are commercially available, he was a master classical singer. In our home in Karachi, we enjoyed his vocal classical singing all night during many many evenings. Accompanying him would be renowned Tabla player Allah Ditta and famous sarangi player Khurshid Ahmad. Taj Multani sang some national songs too like ‘aj hindiyan jang di gal cherdin’, etc. Taj Multani used to sing Khayal and Thumris like ‘aaj moray ghar aae na balma’. (sent by Sam Harun)