♪ Akhan Cham Cham Wasiyan


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This is perhaps the best-sung Punjabi song by Tina Sani. She’s got the grip on the words and her accent feels quite natural in this number. This song is about separation and how one feels after failing to express themselves in front of the person they love. All that’s left is tears and that’s the title of the song.

Tina Sani
Akhan Cham Cham Wasiyan
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AkhaN cham cham wasiyan
Dilan dian galan dilan wich reh gayan wey,
Na tu sunian, na dasian

AkhaN cham cham wasiyan

Nikee jaiee jindaree noo rog kee ae la liya
Channa pardaisian noo meet kyon bana liya
Sochan wich dubhe howee
Wang main sadayan wey
Kadee rowein, kadee hansian

AkhaN cham cham wasiyan

Kairee gal mahia wey tu mukh san tow moria
Dil sada gumman dey samandaran che roria
Aisey dil chundrey dey akhey kano lug ke
Dukhan witch main phasian

AkhaN cham cham wasiyan

Tu na jadoo pas channa, kee ae saday pas ve
Din wee udas saday, raatan vi udas ve
Lut giyan chain sada, Rus gaye hasay ve
Khushian ne door nasiayan

AkhaN cham cham wasiyan

Lyrics contributed by Sohail Abid

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