Folk Punjab started as a personal collection of folk songs from Punjab. I liked the songs. I loved the lyrics. With every new song discovered, I was learning more and more about my land and about my people. It was an exciting journey.

The “news” spread, friends started asking for the songs, and I had to create a private webpage for the collection. That was the beginning of Folk Punjab.

But this is not just another desi music website. It is a sincere effort to present—and in the process, digitally preserve—the folk music of our land in a beautiful way. Many folk singers—or their descendants—have appreciated and approved of putting up their work here. Some have sent their work themselves. We also have the blessings and nod from perhaps the oldest and largest recording company of folk music in Pakistan, Rehmat Gramophone House.

Efforts have been made to make the vast collection as accessible as possible. Each piece on this website is carefully tagged under the correct singer and poet so that you could, for example, see all the songs written by a certain poet like Bulleh Shah or a specific singer like Surinder Kaur. I also try to write lyrics under each song.

If you have anything to say, please feel free to send a message.