Studies in Panjab Sculpture

Sanjeev P. Srivastava and R. P. Srivastava

It is heartening to know that Dr. Srivastava and Dr. Sanjeev have written a classic book on the art of sculpture known as "Studies in Panjab Scuipture" for the first time in the annals of art history. Although much has been written and published on Panjab Painting, but nothing has been wrttten on the art of sculpture which flourished in Medieval Panjab from fifth to twelfth century. It is also very Interesting to know all the four religious dominations viz: Hinduism, Buddhism as well as Jainism flourished in the Panjab, which is also known as Land of Five Rivers. As a matter of fact, this land of Panjab is also famous for giving birth to great Gunis, Rishis and Saints whose teachings and philosophy of life moulded the very character and spirit of the people of Panjab.

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