Shiv Kumar Batalvi's Loona

Kalam of Shiv Kumar Batalvi, sung by Bhupinder Mitali

01 Adhi Raati Des Chambe De
02 Main Agg Turi Pardes
03 Oh Kiran Jehi Jo
04 Dhupp Fadhi Na Jaave
05 Dosh Tan Saade Bharma Da
06 Eh Kaun Su Des
07 Kisey Agan Saaz Di Lau
08 Is Dharti Di Har Naari Hi Luna Hai
09 Main Adhure Geet Di Satar


Loona is a masterpiece of modern Punjabi poetry. A verse-play, published in 1965, Loona is based on the legend of Puran Bhagat.

The Legend:

King of Sialkot marries a young girl Loona. She falls for his son (from 1st wife) Puran who is of her age. He declines her advances; she complains abt him; he's punished (hands/feet amputated and thrown into a well). A guru rescues him; he gets well and becomes a Bhagat. Years later, Loona still childless comes to "the Bhagat". The truth comes out; she admits her mistake; he forgives them and wishes a child, Rasalu.

That's how the legend of Puran Bhagar has been told in Punjab for nearly two thousand years. But that's not how Shiv tells is. For Shiv, it's the legend of Loona: a girl of lower caste, married against her wishes, falls in love with a man of her age. So what? he asks and retells the legend and makes it about Loona, not the prince-turned-bhagat. A masterpiece at the age of 28! That's called a great poet.

Below is the selections from Loona sung by Bhupinder & Mitali. Listen them or read the complete book here. It is something you simply cannot miss.

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