Eh Tan Mera ChashmaN Hove

Kalam of Sultan Bahu, sung by Iqbal Bahu


Ae tan mera chashmaN hove
Tan main murshid vekh na rajjaaN hu

Looñ looñ de mudh lakh lakh chashmaN
Hik kholaaN hik kajjaaN hu

Itna diTtheya sabar na aave
Hor kite vall bhajjaaN hu

Murshid da deedar hai bahu
Mainnu lakh karoDaan hajjaaN hu

Lyrics Contributed By: Anurag Khanna

English Translation

Were my whole body festooned with eyes, I would gaze at my Master with untiring zeal.

O, how I wish that every pore of my body Would turn into a million eyes – Then, as some closed to blink, others would open to see!

But even then my thirst to see him Might remain unquesnched. What else am I to do?

To me, O Bahu, a glimpse of my Master Is worth millions of pilgrimages to the holy Ka’ba!

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