Farida Maute Da Banna

Kalam of Baba Farid, sung by Jagjit Singh



Farida, maute da banna aiven disse jiven daryave dhaa
Agge dozakh tappya sunniye, haul pavee kahaa
IknaN nu sabh soojhi aayi, ik phirde beparwah
Amal jo keete dunee vich, say dargah ohgah

Farida shakkr khhand nivaat gurr mahkio manjha dudh
Sabhe wastu mithian rab na pujan tudh

Farida ho balhaari tinhin pankhian jangal jinhaan vaas
Kakkar chuggan thal vassan rab na chhodan paas

Sant Singh Khalsa Translation

Fareed, the shore of death looks like the river-bank, being eroded away.
Beyond is the burning hell, from which cries and shrieks are heard.
Some understand this completely, while others wander around carelessly.
Those actions which are done in this world, shall be examined in the Court of the Lord.

Harjeet Singh Gill Translation

Farid, the approaching death
is foreseen as the descending bank of the river
the fires of hell are frightening
the cries of the victims are deafening!

there are some who meditate and reflect
who perceive the truth
and there are others
who worry not about the ensuing pains

those who spend their lives in honest deeds
need not bother
about the fires of hell
or the hazards of misfortune!

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