Ram Simar Ram Simar

Kalam of , sung by Jagjit Singh


Ram Simar Ram Sikar Ihai Tayrai Kaaj Hai
Maa-i-aa ko sang ti-aag parabh joo kee saran laag.
Jagat sukh maan mithi-aa jhootho sabh saaj hai.
Supnay ji-o Dhan pachhaan kaahay par karat maan
Baaroo kee bheet jaisay basuDhaa ko raaj hai.
Nanak jan kahat baat binas jaihai tayro gaat.
Chhin Chhin kar ga-i-o kaal taisay jaat aaj hai.

Contribution: Rajinder Singh

English Translation

Mediate in remembrance of the Lord - mediate on the Lord; this alone shall be of use to you
Abandon your association with Maya, and take shelter in the Sanctuary of God
Remember that the pleasures of the world are false; this whole show is just an illusion.
You must understand that this wealth is just a dream. Why are you so proud?
The empires of the earth are like walls of sand
Servant Nanak speaks the Truth: your body shall perish and pass away.
Moment by moment, yesterday passed. Today is passing as well.

Contribution: Rajinder Singh

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