Ek Geet Hijar Da

Punjabi song by Rabbi Shergill


Ajj asaan ve bolna
Ajj kise na tokna
Lekh ve jindrhi da
Ajj asaan ve bhogna

Na roveen meet moiyan te mere
Na paavin vainh moiyan te
Tu gaaveen geet
Ek geet

Kal jo beet gaya
Na beeteya O jo beet gaya
Sool mere seene
Vairi khob gaya

Keetey main sab chaare
Saarey upaa haare
Ehda 'laaj bas ek geet
Ek geet hijar da

Ek geet hijar da
Ek geet sabar da
Ek geet karam da
Ek geet reham da

Ek geet milan da
Ek geet balan da
Ek geet gunaah da
Ek geet panaah da

Ek geet, Ek geet, Ek geet

Hunh na kujh disda
Hunh na kujh sujhda
Zehar naseebaan da
Ajj asaan jo peeta

Sa'te taras kareen
Na lekha mera mangii
Ve tu sunii eh mera geet

Vekheen zara
Na hove kharaab
Boohey tere, hanju mera
Ho jaave tere dar te manzoor
Mere Huzoor

Eh geet hijar da
Eh geet sabar da
Eh geet karam da
Eh geet reham da

Eh geet milan da
Eh geet balan da
Eh geet gunaah da
Eh geet panaah da

Eh geet, Eh geet, Eh geet


Today I shall speak
Today I shan't be stopped
The script of destiny
Today I shall live it

Don't cry at my death my Friend
Don't sing mournful tunes
Sing instead this song
This Song

Yesterday, all that passed
Hasn't passed but remains with me
A thorn in my heart
Driven by Foe

I've used all options
All cures have failed
The only cure is this song
A song of longing

A song of longing
A song of restraint
A song of kindness
A song of mercy

A song of union
A song of burning
A song of Sin
A song of pardon

A song, A song, A song

Now I see nothing
Now I can't grasp anything
Since the poison of the fate
Has been mine to drink

Have mercy on me
Don't ask for my liabilities
Just listen this song of mine

Look here
Don't let it go waste
This teardrop of mine
Let it be accepted at your gate
My Master

This song of longing
This song of restraint
This song of kindness
This song of mercy

This song of union
This song of burning
This song of Sin
This song of pardon

This song, This song, This song

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