Shahida Parveen

Known for her skill on classical genre of music, Shahida Parveen made her mark by singing sufi poetry as well. Mainly trained by her late mother, Zahida Parveen — a noted singer in the 1950s and 60s in her own right — Shahida Parveen also got education in music from Patiala Gharana. She was a disciple of Akhtar Ali Khan, father of Amanat Ali Khan and Hamid Ali Khan. “Shahida was one of those rare people who started singing after learning the skill,” - Farukh Bashir, PTV. Education in music had refined her personality to a great extent, meaning thereby that she had absorbed music in its all manifestations and forms. She was one of those singers who did not need on-job-training like many of her contemporaries. She was also the disciple of well-known classical singer of the sub-continent, Ustad Chhotey Ghulam Ali Khan.

Songs of Shahida Parveen