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Event qaumi-punjabi-mushayra
7 months ago

Qaumi Punjabi Mushayra

Masud Khaddarposh Trust is organizing a Punjabi mushayra on a national level coming Saturday, October 10, 2015.

Report sharif-sabir
7 months ago

Heer scholar Sharif Sabir passes away

Punjabi scholar, researcher, poet and compiler Professor Sharif Sabir passed away last night on Oct 1, 2015.

Book, Event punjab-ka-tehzeebi-hafiza
7 months ago

Urdu translation of Nabar Kahani

Urdu translation of Dr. Saeed Bhutta’s celebrated Punjabi text Nabar Kahani is to be launched/inaugurated at Nankana Sahib on Oct 3, 2015.

Event azad-theatre-hussain-the-weaver
8 months ago

Hussain Julaha – A Stage Play

Azad Theatre is going to perform its new play Hussain (The Weaver) that is based on the poetry of Great… Read more →

Gallery cu31924023641230_0482
1 year ago

Puran Bhagat: Illustrations from early 1900s

I have with me a version of the legend of Puran and Loona with “illustrations by native hands.” It was… Read more →

Gallery a-punjabi-kitchen
1 year ago

People of Punjab in the 1890s

Found these invaluable photos of the people of Punjab from 1898-99 in a book I was reading today.

Book heer-waris-shah-english-translation-muhammad-afzal-shahid
1 year ago

English Translation of Heer Waris Shah

Muhammad Afzal Shahid, a scholar who has been working and writing about Heer Waris Shah for the past many years,… Read more →

Event lok-sujag-mela-bahawalpur-2015-1
1 year ago

Khawaja Farid Festival in Bahawalpur

Punjab Lok Sujag will be hosting a folk festival this weekend (Feb 7 & 8, 2015) in Bahawalpur. The festival,… Read more →

Idea punjabi-patronage-fund
1 year ago

The Idea of a Punjabi Patronage Fund

An idea is being floated in Punjabi circles of Lahore to create a sort of patronage fund for Punjabi writers,… Read more →

Poetry fard-faqir-maghar
1 year ago

Maghar Charh Gaya Ae

It’s the 1st day of Maghar today. Let me share with you a poem from Fard Faqir (1720-1790)’s BaaraN Maaha…. Read more →