Folk Punjab as a hub of Punjabi music is no more. The reasons are explained in this good bye message you may have seen on this website during the past many months.

This is the second coming of Folk Punjab, with the sole aim of creating a for Punjabi poetry. I love what they have done for Urdu poetry and think that every language deserves that kind of love. This is a token of my love for Punjabi poetry. It's just the start right now and my focus is on getting it up and running. Every weekend, I will keep adding more poets and more of their poetry.

You will eventually see all the pages in three scripts: Shahmukhi, Gurmukhi, and Roman - so that every Punjabi can enjoy the poetry in a script they understand.

Sohail Abid
Founder and Curator







طارق عزیز   شریف کنجاہی   افضل احسن رندھاوا   طاہر۱ سراء  
نیل کرائیاں نیلکاں   شیشا   اٹھے پہر تراہ   شاملاٹ