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Folk Punjab is the Rekhta for Punjabi poetry. We love what they have done for Urdu and we think every language deserves that. We are creating the largest online archive of classical and modern Punjabi poetry, populated with finest selection of Punjabi poets and their poetry. Apart from that, we also have a selection of Punjabi proverbs, and Punjabi riddles to make you better understand the language and its intricacies.

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Babu Rajab Ali

6 June 1979- Death Anniversary Babu Rajab Ali- The poetry of Babu Rajab Ali is all about Punjab and its culture. In his life time, he wrote poetic narrations of 86 folktales of Punjab. His poetry radiates immense love for his birth place which he had to left behind in the name of Partition. He was a dedicated servant of his land Punjab and his mother tongue Punjabi.

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