Folk Punjab Is Dead

Folk Punjab started as a personal collection of Punjabi folk music. I liked the songs, loved the lyrics, and started gathering as much of Punjab’s folk music as I could. The “news” spread, friends started asking for the songs, and I had to create a webpage for the collection. That was the beginning of Folk Punjab.

But it was 10 years ago. There was neither Saavn nor Patari, nor any other proper music stream platforms back then. The music we curated was scattered on a few websites littered with popups and tasteless advertisements. Folk Punjab was an attempt to give this music a nice clean place that it deserved.

But now that the we have these proper music stream platforms, who have the time and resources to put in properly licensing the music, I think it’s time to say good bye to Folk Punjab as a hub of music.

Long Live Folk Punjab

This is the second coming of Folk Punjab, with the sole aim of creating a Rekhta.org for Punjabi poetry. I love what they have done for Urdu poetry and I think every language deserves that. This is a token of my love for Punjabi poetry.

It’s the start right now, that’s why you see only a handful of poets. I will keep adding more poets every weekend and we will soon have enough poetry to make your visits to this website worth the while.

You can also contribute by transcribing 10 to 15 selected poems by your favourite Punjabi poet and sending them to my email address (sohail@sohailabid.com). Please do not just copy-paste stuff off the Internet, we want to be sure that every line and every word published here is as it appears in the book.

You will also eventually see all the pages in three scripts: Shahmukhi, Gurmukhi, and Roman – so that every Punjabi can enjoy the poetry in a script they understand.

Sohail Abid

Founder and Editor,
Folk Punjab