Lab paap du-ay raaja mahtaa, koorh ho-aa sikdaar

Lab paap du-ay raaja mahtaa koorh ho-aa sikdaar Kaam nayb sad puchhee-ai bahi bahi karay beechaar Andhee rayat gi-aan vihoonee bhaahi bharay murdaar Gi-aanee nacheh vaajay vaaveh roop karahi seegaar Ooche kookeh vaadaa gaavahi jodhaa kaa veechaar Moorakh pandit hikmat hujjat sanjai karahi pi-aar Dharmee dharam karahi gaavaaveh mangeh mokh du-aar Jatee sadaaveh jugat na jaaneh chhad baheh ghar baar Sabh ko poora aapay hovai ghat na ko-ee aakhai Pat parvaanaa pichaai paa-ee-ai taa Naanak toli-aa jaapai

English Translation

Greed and sins are the king and prime minister; falsehood is the treasurer. Sexual desire, the chief advisor, is summoned and consulted; they all sit together and contemplate their plans. Their subjects are blind, and without wisdom, they try to please the will of the dead. The spirituality wise dance and play their musical instruments, adorning themselves with beautiful decorations. They shout out loud, and sing epic poems and heroic stories. The fools call themselves spiritual scholars, and by their clever tricks, they love to gather wealth. The righteous waste their righteousness, by asking the door of salvation. They call themselves celibate, and abandon their homes, but they do not know the true way of life.
Everyone calls himself perfect; none call themselves imperfect. If the weight of honor is placed on the scale, then, O Nanak, one sees his true weight. (Translation: S. S. Khalsa)

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