Maran na moorat puchhi-aa puchhee thit na vaar

Maran na moorat puchhi-aa puchhee thit na vaar iknhee ladi-aa ik lad chalay iknhee badhay bhaar iknhaa ho-ee saakh-tee iknhaa ho-ee saar laskar sanai damaami-aa chhuttay bank du-aar Naanak dhayree chaar kee bhee fir ho-ee chhaar Naanak dhayree dheh pa-ee mitee sandaa kot

English Translation

Death does not ask the time; it does not ask the date or the day of the week. Some have packed up, and some who have packed up have gone. Some are severely punished, and some are taken care of. They must leave their armies and drums, and their beautiful mansions. O Nanak, the pile shall fall apart; the fortress of body is made of dust. The thief has settled within you; O soul, your life is false. (Translation: S. S. Khalsa)

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