Mian Muhammad Bakhsh

1830 – 1907

Mian Muhammad BakhshMian muhammad Bakhsh is a Sufi and poet. He was born in Kharri Sharif, district Jehlum; however, his ancestors belonged to Chak Behram, Gujrat. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is considered the biggest poet of Punjabi dialect, Pothohari, while his poetry is present in almost all the dialects of Punjabi and Punjabis from all over the world listen and read him. His most famous work is the poetic story of Saif ul malook, which was published with the name of Safar ul Ishq. The story is about the love of an Egyptian prince but it revolves around the aspects of eternal love, the love of the creator and the difficulties in the way of love. Mirza Sahiban, a tragic romance, is also among his famous works.

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Saif ul Malook