Faqeer Muhammad Faqeer
1900 – 1974

Faqeer Muhammad Faqeer

Faqeer Muhammad Faqeer

Dr. Faqeer Muhammad Faqeer belonged to Takiya Masoom Shah, Gujranwala. His real name was Faqeer Muhammad while he made his name in literary world as Dr. Faqeer Muhammad Faqeer. His family was associated with the profession of ayurvedic medicines and he got himself called Dr. after he acquired certification from King Edward medical college, Lahore for modern medicines. Due to his services towards Punjabi language he has been given the title of the Father of Punjabi. He was one of the pioneers of Punjabi Adabi Academy, a platform from where a bulk of Punjabi classical literature was gathered, purified and published. Moreover, a Punjabi literary magazine was also issued from the platform. In essence, Dr. Faqeer Muhammad Faqeer spent almost all his life in the service of his mother tongue.

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