Mazhar Tirmazi

1950 –

Mazhar Tirmazi Mazhar Tirmazi is a poet of human experience. His poetry is a reflection of that and that only. He is a journalist by profession. His claim to fame is his Ghazzal "Umraan langhiyan pabban bhaar" sung by Asad Amanat Ali khan. This poem is a reflection of the experience of millions who were uprooted from their homeland to settle in a different place during partition. Tirmazi’s family also migrated from Ludhiana during the bloody partition of Punjab. Though he was born after the partition, his poetry is reflective of deep longing and a feeling of loss to one’s homeland or whatever one calls home.

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Roman ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ شاہ مُکھی

Mazhar Tirmazi Poetry