Talha Bin Sohail
1998 –

Talha Bin Sohail

Talha Bin Sohail Talha bin Suhail, born on August 25 1998, in Bahawal Nagar, Chishtiyan District, hails from a distinguished scholarly and literary lineage. His grandfather, Hakeem Abdul Rehman Alvi, a notable Hakeem and social figure, established a clinic in Chak Jand Wala, presently managed by Talha's father, Hakeem Suhail Amjad, and his uncle, Hakeem Sajjad ul Haq Zafar. Professor Hussain Ahmed Alvi, Talha's maternal grandfather, added academic prowess to the family legacy as an Islamic scholar and Sufi poet, served as an Arabic professor at Chishtian College. Notably, Talha's uncle, Hakeem Jameel Asghar, has authored numerous books, including the esteemed "History of Chishtiyan." The transmission of knowledge and wisdom through generations in their lineage is considered a blessing from their revered ancestor, Hazrat Ali (RA). Hakeem Suhail Amjad, Talha's father, took a significant step by relocating to Bahawal Nagar to facilitate his children's education. Talha bin Suhail underwent his primary education in Bahawal Nagar and continues to reside there. Of particular note is Talha bin Suhail's literary contribution, marked by his inaugural work, "Dil Dargah." This accomplishment underscores his commitment to intellectual pursuits and cultural contributions, aligning with the rich heritage of his familial background.

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