Jit dihaarre dhan wari

Jit dihaarre dhan wari
Saahe laye likhai
Malak je kanni sunenda
Maunh dikhale aai
Jind nimaani kadhiye
Haddan kun karrkaai
Saahe likhe na challani
Jindo ku samjhai
Aapan hathi jol ke
Kain gal lagge dhaai
Walon nikki pursalat
Kanni na suni aai
Fareeda kirri paundi ee
Kharra na aap muhaai

Reference: Kalam Baba Farid, Dr Nazir Ahmad; Packages Limited; Page 18 ( view source )

English Translation

The day of the bride's wedding is pre-ordained. On that day, the Messenger of Death, of whom she had only heard, come and shows its face. It breaks the bones of the body and pulls the helpless soul out. The pre-ordained time of marriage cannot be avoided. Explain this to your soul. The soul is the bride, and death is the groom. He will marry her and take her away. After the body sends her away with its own hands, whose neck will it embrace? The bridge is narrower than a hair; haven't you hear of it with your ears? Fareed, the call has come; be careful now- don't let yourself be robbed.

Translation: S. S. Khalsa