chitay jin kay kaprhay mailay chit kathor jee-o

chitay jin kay kaprhay mailay chit kathor jee-o Tin mukh naam na oopjai doojai vi-aapay chor jee-o Mool na boojheh aapnaa say passoo-aa say dhor jee-o Nit nit khusee-aa man karay nit nit mangai sukh jee-o Kartaa chit na aavee fir fir lageh dukh jee-o Sukh dukh daataa man vasai tit tan kaisee bhukh jee-o

English Translation

Those who wear white clothes, but have filthy and stone-hearted minds, may chant the Lord's Name with their mouth, but they are engrossed in duality; they are thieves. They do not understand their own roots; they are beasts. They are just animals! Constantly, continually, he begs for peace. But he does not think of the Creator Lord, and so he is overtaken by pain, again and again. But one, within those mind the Giver of pleasure and pain dwells- how can his body feel any need? (Translation: S. S. Khalsa)

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