Ha-o jeevaa gun saar antar too vasai

Ha-o jeevaa gun saar antar too vasai Toon vaseh man maahi sehjay ras rasai Moorakh man samjha-ay aakha-o kayt-rhaa Gurmukh har gun gaa-ay rang rangayt-rhaa Nit nit ridai samaal pareetam apnaa Jay chaleh gun naal naahee dukh santaapanaa manmukh bharam bhulanaa naa tis rang hai Marsee ho-ay vidaanaa man tan bhang hai Gur kee kaar kamaa-ay laahaa ghar aani-aa Gurbaanee nirbaan sabad pachhaani-aa Ik Naanak kee ardaas jay tudh bhaavsee Mai deejai naam nivaas har gun gaavsee

English Translation

I live, by cherishing Your Glorious Virtues; You dwell deep within me. You dwell within my mind, and so it naturally celebrates in joyful delight. O my foolish mind, how can I teach and instruct you? As Gurmukh, sing the Glorious Praise of the Lord, and so become attuned to His Love. Continually, continuously, remember and cherish your Beloved Lord in your heart. For if you depart with virtue, then pain shall never afflict you. The self-willed manmukh wanders around, deluded by doubt; he does not enshrine love for the Lord. He dies as a stranger to his own self, and his mind and body are spoiled. Performing service to the Guru, you shall go home with the profit. Through the word of the Guru's Bani, and the Shabad, the Word of God, the state of Nirvaanaa is attained. Nanak makes this one prayer; if it pleases Your Will, bless me with a home in Your Name, Lord, that I may sign Your Glorious Praises. (Translation: S. S. Khalsa)

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