Hao dhaadhee vaykaar kaarai laaiaa

ha-o dhaadee vaykaar kaarai laaiaa Raat dihain kai vaar dharahu faramaya dhaadhee sachai mahal khasam bulaaiaa Sachee sift salaah kaprrha paya sacha amrit naam bhojan aaiaa Gurmatee khada raj tin sukh paya Dhaadhee kare pasaa-o sabad vajaaiaa Naanak sach saalaahi poora paaiaa

English Translation

It was a minstrel, out of work, when the Lord took me into His service. To sing His praises day and night, He gave me His Order, right from the start. My Lord and Master has summoned me, His minstrel, to the True Mansion of His Presence. He has dressed me in the robes of His True Praise and Glory. The Ambrosial Nectar of the True Name has become my food. Those who follow the Guru's teachings, who eat this food and are satisfied, find peace. His minstrel spreads His Glory, singing and vibrating the Word of His Shabad. O Nanak, praising the True Lord, I have obtained His Perfection. (Translation: S. S. Khalsa)

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