Seehaa baajaa chargaa kuheeaa

Seehaa baajaa chargaa kuheeaa aynaa khavaalay ghaah Ghaahu khaan tinaa maas khavaalay ayhi chalaaye raah Nadee-aa vich tibay daykhaalay thalee karay asgaah Keerhaa thaap daey paatshahi laskar karay suaah Jaytay jee-a jeeveh lai saahaa jeevaale ta ke asah Naanak ji-o-ji-o sachay bhaavai ti-o-ti-o day-ay giraah

English Translation

Tigers, hawks, falcons and eagles-the Lord could make them eat grass. And those animals which eat grass. He could make them eat meat. He could make them follow this way of life. He could dry land from the rivers, and turn the deserts into bottomless oceans. He could appoint a worm as king, and reduce an army to ashes. All beings and creatures live by breathing, but he could keep us alive, even without the breath. O Nanak, as it pleases the True Lord, He gives us sustenance. (Translation: S. S. Khalsa)

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