Saadde tare mann dehrri

Saadde tare mann dehrri
Challe pani ann
aayo banda dunni vich
Wat aaso ni bannh
Mulk ul maut jaan aasi
Sabh darwajje bannh
Wekho banda challya
Chaunh janyaan de kannh
Amal jo keete duni vich
Darga aaye kam

Reference: Kalam Baba Farid, Dr Nazir Ahmad; Packages Limited; Page 53 ( view source )

English Translation

The body is nourished by water and grain. The mortal comes into the world with high hopes. But when the Messenger of Death comes, it breaks down all the doors. It blinds and gages the mortal, before the eyes of beloved of his beloved brothers. Behold, the mortal being is going away, carries on the shoulders of four men. Fareed, only those good deeds done in the world will be of any use in the Court of the Lord.

Translation: S. S. Khalsa