Aakhan jor chupai nah jor

Aakhan jir chupai nah jor Jor na mangan dayn na jor Jor na jeevan maran na jor Jor na raaj maal man shoore Jor na surtee gi-aan veechaar Jor na jugtee chhutai sasaar Jis hath jor kar vaykhai so-ay Naanak utam neech na ko-ay

English Translation

No power to speak, no power to keep silent. No power to beg, no power to give. No power to live, no power to die. No power to rule, with wealth and occult mental powers. No power to gain intuitive understanding, spiritual wisdom and mediation. No power to find the way to escape from the world. He alone has the power in His Hands. He watches over all. O Nanak, no one is high or low. (Translation: S. S. Khalsa)

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Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of the Sikh religion, was born in Talwandi, Tehsil Sharaqpur in the area of Ravi in a Khatri clan. He had always been a quite kid and would like to remain along unlike k...

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