MenooN taaN mere dosta mere Gham ne marya ay

MenooN taaN mere dosta mere Gham ne marya ay
He joth teri dosti de dum ne marya ay

Menoon te jeth haar te koi naheeN gila
Mere chaman nooN cheet di shabnum ne marya ay

Masya di kali raat da koi naheen qasoor
Sagar nooN ohdi apni poonam ny marya ay

Eh kon he jo mot nooN badnaam kar raheya ay
Insan nooN ansan de janam ne marya ay

Charhya si jehra suraja dubna si os Zaroor
Koi joth keh raheya he ke pacham ne parya ay

Manya ke moyaaN mitraaN da, Gham wi marda ay
Bohta par os dikhawe de matam ne marya ay

Qatil koi dushman naheeN main theek aakhdaaN
Shiw noon taaN shiw de apne mehram ne marya ay

Reference: Kalam e shiv; Sanjh; 2017; Page 1ٍ70 ( view source )

English Translation

My friend, it is my own sorrow
That has destroyed me.
It is a lie that the power of your love
Did it!

I have no complaint against
Heat or drought.
My garden was destroyed
By the dews of spring.

It is not the fault
Of the black night.
The ocean was defeated
By its beloved moon.

Who is it that
Blames death?
A man is destroyed,
By his birth.

The sun that rises
Is certain to sink.
He lies who says
The west destroyed it.

Yes, one can be destroyed
By grieving for dead friends,
Though it is more likely the result,
Of the display of that grief.

The killer is not the enemy,
I tell you.
Shiv was killed
By those who loved him.