Sach ki kaatee sach sabh saar

Sach ki kaatee sach sabh saar
Ghaarat tis kee apar apaar
sabday saan rakhaa-ee laa-ay
gun kee thaykai vich smaa-ay
Tis daa kuthaa hovai saykh
Lohoo lab nikthaa vaykh
ho-ay halaal lagai hak jaa-ay
Naanak da deedaar samaa-ay

Reference: Aakhya Baba Nanak Ne; Editor Shafqat Tanvir Mirza

English Translation

The knife is Truth, and its steel is totally True. Its workmanship is incomparably beautiful. It is sharpened on the grindstone of the shabad. It is placed in the scabbard of virtue. If the shaykh is killed with that, then the blood of greed will spill out. One who is slaughtered in this ritualistic way, will be attached to the Lord. O Nanak, at the Lord's door, he is absorbed into His Blessed Vision.

Translation: S. S. Khalsa