Punjabi Proverbs about Immortality

A proverbs is a short and concise saying that expresses a common truth or wisdom. Proverbs are based on observations and practical experiences about human nature. They are oral traditions passed down through generations. This section of our website presents the largest collection of Punjabi proverbs online.

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Aadmi bulbula ay pani da
Aap moiyan bin sorag nayeen milde
Baba moya, putar jamya, tabbar ode da oda
Baba na chulhe agge na dhareek neche
Bande di maran pichon saar aaondi he
Chaar dinaan da mela
Chaar dinaan da mela
Ik barhapa so seyapa
Pai pai so moolon gai
Pakki beri hethaan marna ain, nahi te marna ee nahi
Ujrre baaghan de gaalarr patwari