Punjabi Proverbs about Selfishness

A proverbs is a short and concise saying that expresses a common truth or wisdom. Proverbs are based on observations and practical experiences about human nature. They are oral traditions passed down through generations. This section of our website presents the largest collection of Punjabi proverbs online.

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Baba misri aapni pai taan dooji bisri
Bakra janon gaya te khan wale noon sawad na aaya
Bakra rowe jind noon, qasai rowe majh noon
Banniye da putt kuch dekh ke hi digda he
Pairaan te pani pen nahi denda
Parai agg vich per kon pawe
Parai mot noon kon saherre
Pehlaan aap, pichon baap
Pehlaan aapna, pichon begana
Pehlaan aatma, fer parmaatma
Pehlaan ghar de, pichon bahar de
Pehlaan ji, fer jahan